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Bulldog Pressure Washing serves the North Georgia cities of Athens, Watkinsville, Elberton, Gainesville, Hartwell, Royston, Lavonia, Danielsville, Washington, Comer, Crawford, Bowman, Winterville, Lexington and South Carolina cities of Anderson, Abbeville, Calhoun Falls, Lake Russell and Lake Hartwell areas.

Deck Cleaning - Sealing / Staining for athens, GA & Anderson, SC

To keep your wood deck looking like new, it needs to be cleaned regularly and periodically be treated with the proper stain and sealers.  Bulldog can help you keep your deck looking new with our professional deck cleaning and sealing process. Cleaning and sealing or staining your decking every 2-3 years will ensure your deck will remain in excellent condition for years to come.  Clear oil based sealers are the most cost effective. They offer a totally clear, natural look and will repel water from the boards, protecting them from rot for 2-4 years, and will keep the deck looking nice for 1.5 - 2 years. Deck cleaning includes the deck floor, railings and stairs. The underside of decks is not normally cleaned except upon special request.

Types of Deck Sealants Available

Clear oil based sealants: Most cost effective, easy to apply, totally clear natural look, repels water from the boards protecting them from rot for 1-4 years, and will keep the deck looking nice for 1-3 years.

Acrylic / Oil based Semitransparent deck stains: Very nice looking products, semitransparent colors so wood grain is still visible, protects boards from rot 3-6 years, keeps decks looking good 3-7 years. Easy and cost effective to clean every 1-3 years without removing the stain to keep boards looking good. Comes in a variety of colors (natural cedar colors are the most popular). Overall a very good product, Consistently rated one of the best by 'Consumer Reports'.

Crude oil based Semitransparent deck stains: Possibly the best looking product, most popular in the cedar color, wood grain is still visible, lasts 2-4 years, looks great.

Acrylic / Oil based Solid Color Deck Stains: Solid colors only, available in a wide variety of colors, lasts 3-8 years, very easy to clean every 1-3 years to keep looking fresh without removing the stain, looks good in areas where low maintenance is an issue (docks, fences, etc.) Looks great if you like the solid colors on your deck or fence. Or to match or contrast the color or a house. (Looks like a paint, but it will not peel like a paint).


Call 706-988-3647 or e-mail now to schedule an appointment. We are sure you'll be surprised how reasonable our prices are.

Bulldog Pressure Washing provides both Residential and Commercial pressure washing services to the North Georgia and Western South Carolina areas.  Residential services include House Washing, Deck Cleaning and Sealing or Staining, Washing of Driveways, Patios, Pool Areas, and Roof washing to remove staining on shingles.  Commercial services include pressure washing Strip Centers, Buildings (large and small), and Environmental cleaning, using Hot water or no- water cleaning.

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